Farm Projects

Joey branding PHN on a calf

Jim applying the HCC ranch brand

Stony installing concrete pad for "Joe Chute" 

Stony and Chris finishing concrete pad
for "Joe Chute" with a scale

Pouring concrete for tire water system

Spring fed and ready to drink from

Joey and Nick laying out the corral

Getting ready to build corral

Starting to look like a corral

Katie mowing the grass 

Digging out a new pond

Finishing up bulldozer work for new pond

Joey, Nick, and TK installing a concrete pad 

TK putting finishing touches
on concrete pad in the hay barn

Setting up the drill truck

Drilling a new well

Ready to mow hay!

Cutting alfalfa

alfalfa ready to rake and bale

alfalfa hay baled and stacked in the barn

Hauling round hay bales

First we built a base for the wood stove

Then Joey and Nick did the rock work

Finished and looking good!
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