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Hope Creek Cattle
is located in central Missouri

Hope Creek is a stream in central Missouri that runs along our farm in Osage County. In 2011, we decided to act on a longtime desire to own a couple of longhorns as pasture art. The love of the longhorn breed is infectious and we were hooked. Within months we were up to 11 longhorn cows.

We got so hooked on these beautiful animals that we abandoned the restfulness of retirement in order to focus on a breeding program for Hope Creek Cattle (HCC). We utilize several breeding protocols including; natural, artificial insemenation, embryo flushes and IVF so we can incorporate proven genetics from leading industry pedigrees. Our goal is to offer elite longhorns to the marketplace.

HCC's breeding program is based on delivering longhorns that meet or exceed our standards in the following five categories:
1. Disposition
2. Fertility/Parenting (not applicable to our trophy steers)
3. Conformation
4. Horn
5. Color

Hope Creek Cattle (HCC) is a proud Lifetime Member of both the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) and International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA). We operate in accordance with the Longhorn Code of Honor. It is refreshing to work with people whose word and handshake still mean something.

Betty and I love to cruise the ranch in our UTV and spend time simply admiring our longhorns. We love to visit with others who enjoy these magnificent animals as much we do. Give us a call anytime to discuss any of our animals or to come visit our ranch.

-Jim and Betty O'Connor

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